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17/12/17The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
10/12/17The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
01/12/17Theatre RoyalCastlemaine, VICAmericana Double Feature w/ Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife8:00pmMap
25/11/17The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
19/11/17Mountaingrass FestivalHarrietville, VIC1:00pmMap
18/11/17Mountaingrass FestivalHarrietville, VIC2:40pmMap
11/11/17Healesville Music FestivalHealesville, VICTBDMap
23/10/17The RetreatBrunswick, VICFront Bar Residency8:00pmMap
16/10/17The RetreatBrunswick, VICFront Bar Residency8:00pmMap
15/10/17Foggy Mountain Bluegrass FestivalKinglake, VIC4:30pmMap
14/10/17Foggy Mountain Bluegrass FestivalKinglake, VIC9:15pmMap
09/10/17The RetreatBrunswick, VICFront Bar Residency8:00pmMap
02/10/17The RetreatBrunswick, VICFront Bar Residency8:00pmMap
12/08/17The RetreatBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
06/08/17The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
03/06/17The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
28/05/17The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
17/05/17Monty Village - Were StreetMontmorency, VICWere St Montmorency Festival7:30pmMap
22/04/17Amulet WineryBeechworth, VICPrivate Function8:00pmMap
08/04/17The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
26/03/17Small Block CafeEast Brunswick, VICPiera St Small Block Party4:30pmMap
25/03/17Warrandyte FestivalWarrandyte, VICWarrandyte Festival1:00pmMap
24/02/17Friday Live - WerribeeWerribee, VIC8:00pmMap
19/02/17The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
12/02/17The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
03/12/16The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
20/11/16Mountaingrass FestivalHarrietville, VICMountain View Retreat Hall1:00pmMap
19/11/16Mountaingrass FestivalHarrietville, VICMain Marquee2:40pmMap
05/11/16Caravan Music ClubOakleigh, VIC8:00pmMap
25/10/16Mountain Picker's Association: Last Tuesday ClubFerntree Gully, VIC8:00pmMap
15/10/16Out On The WeekendWilliamstown, VICTBDMap
17/09/16Guildford Banjo JamboreeGuildford, VIC4:45pmMap
20/08/16Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass FestivalBangalow, NSWTBDMap
19/08/16Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass FestivalBangalow, NSWTBDMap
18/08/16Lefty's Old Time Music HallBrisbane, QLD9:00pmMap
11/06/16The RetreatBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
29/05/16The Union HotelBrunswick, VICHats-Off To Andy Carswell4:00pmMap
07/05/16Kingston Harvest FestivalChelsea, VIC6:00pmMap
19/03/16Twilight SoundsHeidelberg, VICTwilight Sounds w/ Jordie Lane6:30pmMap
06/03/16The Post Office HotelMelbourne, VIC4:30pmMap
07/02/16The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
17/01/16The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
10/01/16Cygnet Folk FestivalCygnet, TASCygnet Ex-Servicemen's Club4:00pmMap
09/01/16Cygnet Folk FestivalCygnet, TASSt James College Auditorium4:30pmMap
08/01/16Cygnet Folk FestivalCygnet, TASWillie Smith's Cider Tent10:00pmMap
19/12/15The Union HotelBrunswick, VICStetson Family Xmas Party!5:00pmMap
07/11/15Jamgrass Music FestivalBundoora, VICTRUE NORTH Album TourTBDMap
01/11/15Maldon Folk FestivalMaldon, VICTRUE NORTH Album Tour10:00pmMap
31/10/15Maldon Folk FestivalMaldon, VICTRUE NORTH Album Tour6:15pmMap
30/10/15Basement DiscsMelbourne, VICTRUE NORTH Album Tour (Live Instore)12:45pmMap
30/10/15Maldon Folk FestivalMaldon, VICTRUE NORTH Album Tour12:00amMap
25/10/15Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass FestivalDorrigo, NSWTRUE NORTH Album TourTBDMap
24/10/15Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass FestivalDorrigo, NSWTRUE NORTH Album TourTBDMap
23/10/15Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass FestivalDorrigo, NSWTRUE NORTH Album TourTBDMap
22/10/1563 First AveSawtell, NSWTRUE NORTH Album Tour7:00pmMap
18/10/15Club MullumMullumbimby, NSWTRUE NORTH Album Tour (Double Album Launch with Suzannah Espie)7:30pmMap
17/10/15Miami MarkettaMiami, QLDTRUE NORTH Album Tour5:00pmMap
10/10/15The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
03/10/15The Post Office HotelMelbourne, VICGrand Final Day!4:30pmMap
22/08/15Major Tom'sKyneton, VIC8:00pmMap
16/08/15Old Hepburn HotelHepburn Springs, VIC5:00pmMap
15/08/15Suttons House Of MusicBallarat, VIC8:00pmMap
08/08/15Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass FestivalBangalow, NSWNad Budge special guest with The Cath Cooper AllstarsTBDMap
07/08/15Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass FestivalBangalow, NSWNad Budge special guest with The Cath Cooper AllstarsTBDMap
26/07/15The Spotted MallardBrunswick, VICTRUE NORTH Album Launch!4:00pmMap
12/07/15Westernport HotelSan Remo, Phillip Island, VIC5:00pmMap
11/07/15BAHA Taco JointRye, VIC9:00pmMap
09/05/15Kingston Harvest FestivalChelsea, VIC1:00pmMap
09/05/15The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
03/05/15Lost Highway – Karuah Bluegrass FestivalKaruah, NSWTBDMap
02/05/15Lost Highway – Karuah Bluegrass FestivalKaruah, NSWTBDMap
01/05/15Lost Highway – Karuah Bluegrass FestivalKaruah, NSWTBDMap
26/04/15Mt Beauty Music FestivalMt Beauty, VIC10:30amMap
26/04/15Mt Beauty Music FestivalMt Beauty, VIC12:30pmMap
25/04/15Mt Beauty Music FestivalMt Beauty, VIC9:00pmMap
24/04/15Mt Beauty Music FestivalMt Beauty, VIC8:00pmMap
22/03/15The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICYarra Hotel BirthdayTBDMap
19/03/15Horsham Country Music FestivalHorsham, VIC6:30pmMap
01/03/15Bright n' Sandy Food & Wine FestivalBrighton, VIC1:00pmMap
28/02/15The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC9:00pmMap
07/02/15Minya WineryConnewarre, VIC7:00pmMap
31/01/15The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
20/12/14The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
05/12/14Coburg Night MarketCoburg, VIC6:00pmMap
30/11/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICNovember Residency4:00pmMap
23/11/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICNovember Residency4:00pmMap
16/11/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICNovember Residency4:00pmMap
11/11/14PBS FM 106.7FMLive to air: Southern Style w/ Jan Dale2:00pmMap
09/11/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICNovember Residency4:00pmMap
08/11/14Watsonia Classic Car ShowWatsonia, VIC12:00pmMap
02/11/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICNovember Residency4:00pmMap
30/08/14Bluegrass BonanzaTBC, VIC9:00pmMap
17/08/14Kelly Country PickBeechworth, VICTBDMap
16/08/14Kelly Country PickBeechworth, VICTBDMap
15/08/14Kelly Country PickBeechworth, VICTBDMap
02/08/14Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass FestivalBangalow, NSWTBDMap
31/05/14The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
18/05/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VIC5:00pmMap
15/05/14The LomondBrunswick East, VIC8:00pmMap
04/05/14Lost Highway – Karuah Bluegrass FestivalKaruah, NSWTBDMap
03/05/14Lost Highway – Karuah Bluegrass FestivalKaruah, NSWTBDMap
21/04/14National Folk FestivalCanberra, ACTTBDMap
20/04/14National Folk FestivalCanberra, ACTTBDMap
19/04/14National Folk FestivalCanberra, ACTTBDMap
18/04/14National Folk FestivalCanberra, ACTTBDMap
12/04/14The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
05/04/14Wedding - Private functionBalnarring, VIC2:00pmMap
30/03/14Junction Newport - Beer Hall & Wine RoomNewport, VIC2:00pmMap
15/03/14The Pizza & Wine ClubKyneton, VIC8:00pmMap
09/03/14The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
01/02/14The RetreatBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
26/01/14The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VICAustralia Day @ The Yarra (DUO)3:00pmMap
19/01/14The Standard HotelFitzroy, VIC7:30pmMap
21/12/13The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC8:30pmMap
11/12/13Queen Vic Night MarketMelbourne, VIC6:00pmMap
09/11/13The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
02/11/13The Yarra HotelAbbotsford, VIC9:00pmMap
31/10/13The LomondBrunswick East, VIC8:30pmMap
20/10/13The Standard HotelFitzroy, VIC7:30pmMap
11/10/13The Thornbury TheatreMelbourne, VICJamGrass 20138:00pmMap
21/09/13Guildford Banjo JamboreeGuildford, VIC2:00pmMap
14/09/13The RetreatBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
01/09/13Hickinbotham WineryDromana, VIC1:00pmMap
31/08/13The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC9:00pmMap
18/08/13The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
01/07/13WINTER BREAK - back in AugTBDMap
23/06/13Broadbeach Country Music FestivalBroadbeach, QLD11:00amMap
22/06/13Broadbeach Country Music FestivalBroadbeach, QLD8:30pmMap
04/06/13Burrinja CafeUpwey, VICMountain Pickers7:30pmMap
01/06/13The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC9:00pmMap
26/05/13The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
16/05/13The LomondBrunswick East, VIC8:30pmMap
12/05/13The Carringbush HotelMelbourne, VIC*POSTPONED*4:00pmMap
11/05/13Kingston Harvest FestivalChelsea, VIC3:00pmMap
13/04/13The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
31/03/13Golden Horseshoes FestivalBeechworth, VICEaster Sunday Hoedown @ Priory Local6:00pmMap
30/03/13Golden Horseshoes FestivalBeechworth, VICMain StageTBDMap
23/03/13Healesville Music FestivalHealesville, VIC5:00pmMap
17/03/13Clarkefield Music FestivalClarkefield, VIC2:00pmMap
03/03/13Triple R FMSydney Rd street party3:00pmMap
23/02/13The RetreatBrunswick, VIC7:30pmMap
09/02/13The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC9:00pmMap
15/12/12Living Museum of the WestMaribyrnong, VICPrivate Function8:00pmMap
08/12/12The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
07/12/12Coburg Night MarketCoburg, VIC7:00pmMap
04/11/12Maldon Folk FestivalMaldon, VICO Winding River Tour5:00pmMap
04/11/12Maldon Folk FestivalMaldon, VICO Winding River Tour9:30pmMap
03/11/12Maldon Folk FestivalMaldon, VICO Winding River Tour4:00pmMap
28/10/12Fleurieu Folk FestivalWillunga, SAO Winding River Tour1:45pmMap
27/10/12Fleurieu Folk FestivalWillunga, SAO Winding River Tour11:00amMap
27/10/12Fleurieu Folk FestivalWillunga, SAO Winding River Tour10:15pmMap
19/10/12The Thornbury TheatreMelbourne, VICJamgrass Music Festival8:00pmMap
16/10/12ABC 774Live to Air on Evenings with Lindy Burns9:30pmMap
14/10/12Folk In the Foothills FestivalIllawarra, NSWO Winding River Tour11:30amMap
14/10/12Folk In the Foothills FestivalIllawarra, NSWO Winding River Tour2:00pmMap
13/10/12Grand Junction - The JunkyardNewcastle, NSWO Winding River Tour8:00pmMap
25/09/12Nashville Convention CentreNashville, TennesseeIBMA World of Bluegrass Songwriter ShowcaseTBDMap
09/09/12Hallam Sunday SessionsHallam, VIC2:00pmMap
02/09/12The Post Office HotelMelbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
29/08/12Yinnar HotelYinnar, VIC7:00pmMap
26/08/12The Carringbush HotelMelbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
24/08/12The Red TillAngelsea, VIC7:00pmMap
19/08/12Troubador WeekendKyneton, VICTroubador Weekend8:00pmMap
18/08/12Troubador WeekendKyneton, VICTroubador Weekend8:00pmMap
04/08/12St Leonards WineryWahgunyah, VIC12:30pmMap
03/08/12Tanswell's Commercial HotelBeechworth, VIC8:00pmMap
28/07/12The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
18/05/12B.A.D Folk ClubBerwick, VIC7:30pmMap
13/05/12The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC6:00pmMap
12/05/12The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC9:00pmMap
25/04/12The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC3:00pmMap
22/04/12Apollo Bay Music FestivalApollo Bay, VICTBDMap
21/04/12Apollo Bay Music FestivalApollo Bay, VICTBDMap
20/04/12Apollo Bay Music FestivalApollo Bay, VICTBDMap
15/04/12The Thornbury TheatreMelbourne, VICTBDMap
12/04/12The LomondBrunswick East, VIC9:00pmMap
08/04/12Golden Horseshoes FestivalBeechworth, VIC5:00pmMap
07/04/12Golden Horseshoes FestivalBeechworth, VIC8:00pmMap
31/03/12The RetreatBrunswick, VIC7:00pmMap
25/03/12Avoca FestivalAvoca, VICTBDMap
24/03/12Avoca FestivalAvoca, VICTBDMap
12/03/12MoombaMelbourne, VIC2:45pmMap
03/03/12St Leonards WineryWahgunyah, VIC12:30pmMap
25/02/12Piping Hot Chicken ShopOcean Grove, VIC8:00pmMap
23/02/12Readings BookshopSt Kilda, VICLive Instore6:00pmMap
05/02/12The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
03/02/12The Caravan ClubOakleigh, VIC8:00pmMap
18/12/11The Union HotelBrunswick, VIC5:00pmMap
17/12/11Triple R FMLive to Air2:00pmMap
11/12/11The Drunken PoetWest Melbourne, VIC4:00pmMap
10/12/11Pure Pop RecordsSt Kilda, VICLive Instore4:00pmMap
26/11/11Bella UnionCarlton, VIC8:00pmMap
19/11/11Commonground FestivalSeymour, VIC3:30pmMap
11/11/11The GemCollingwood, VIC8:00pmMap
08/11/11The Old BarFitzroy, VIC8:00pmMap
03/11/11PBS FM 106.7FMLive to air4:00pmMap
31/10/11The Red TillAngelsea, VIC7:00pmMap
23/10/11The Penny BlackBrunswick, VICAlbum Launch4:00pmMap
22/10/11Triple R FMLive to air2:00pmMap
21/10/11PBS FM 106.7FMLive to air8:00amMap
19/10/11ABC 774Live to air2:00pmMap
17/10/11ABC DarwinLive to air4:00pmMap
16/10/11The Vine HotelWangaratta, VIC4:00pmMap
Regional and East Coast Tour Dates to be announced soon...TBD
Regional and East Coast Tour Dates to be announced soon...TBD
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